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Founded by Broadway veteran Valerie Wright, this six day musical theater program brings valued guidance and instruction, and introduces to our performers a network of working, professional directors and choreographers.


Each day is dedicated to deep and detailed instruction with master classes in:

Acting--technique, monologue/scene study, camera technique and audition preparation

Voice--individual and group voice work & song interpretation

Dance--ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, contemporary & musical theater repertoire


Our performers, regardless of their level of training, will thrive in this artistically rich setting that mirrors a professional working environment and fosters their individual talent as both learners and performers.



To cultivate each performer’s original quality and encourage them to find what

makes them special.


I am not interested in fitting any one individual into a mold. I want each performer to discover what sets them apart and how their own unique talent is the strongest pathway to a successful career.


I also believe it is essential to surround my performers with dedicated, working artists who will inspire a strong, professional work ethic, helping them to become grounded performers and vital company members.


The design of this program is small to allow for true one on one attention. Our teachers have the opportunity to work with specificity and nuance, and our performers are given the much-needed time to realize their potential. 



  • Performers arrive Sunday by 5p for check-in, orientation, dinner

  • Performers study Monday thru Friday 9:30a-6:30p

  • Rehearsal for End of Week Showcase Monday thru Friday 8:00-9:30p

  • The Business of “The Business” Saturday 10a-12p

  • Rehearsal for showcase Saturday 12-2p

  • Lunch 2-2:30p

  • Showcase presentation Saturday for a panel of directors, choreographers, casting and artistic directors

  • Presentation  3-4p.

  • Program concludes 4p


THE DAILY CURRICULUM (class times subject to change)

  • 9:30-10:15a--Ballet class/warm-up

  • 10:15-1p- Voice class--daily warm-up, group repertoire, individualized coaching, song interpretation

  • 1--1:45p--Lunch

  • 1:45-3:30p--Musical Theater dance-(Bob Fosse, Jerome Robbins influence)

       Alternating classes in Tap, Hip Hop, Contemporary

  • 3:30--6:30p--Acting class

       3:30-4:30--Technique, Improv

       4:30-6:30p--alternating classes in Monologue & Scene study, Camera technique and Audition prep

  • 6:30-8p--Dinner

  • 8-9:30p--Rehearsal for showcase

Lunch will be brought in daily and students will eat in the studio. Dietary needs will be accommodated.

Students can find dinner options at any number of local eateries in the neighborhood which will allow for a break between classes and rehearsal.


Program takes place 

in the vibrant and artistic neighborhood of Park Slope Brooklyn

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